Mossy Stream Farm

last updated: 7 April 2010
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ter Wolbeek family picnic, January 2010:

Fishing in our Dam with Shaun and Courtney, January 2010:

December 2009:

Goats, October 2009:

Chicken coop and run, September 2009:

Spring has Sprung, September 2009:

Block burning, July 2009:

Various things, July 2009:

Views of our house on 7 and 27 April, and some colourful leaves a few km down the road:

The goats and chickens when Wayne&Heidi were here, and some things I grew, April 2009:

Goats, February and March 2009:

Shaun and Rowland came for a visit, February 2009:

Our evolving dam, February 2009:

Random Farm Photos, December 2008:

Got Goats, December 2008:

Snow day (20 September 2008):

Work down at the dam with a TLB (backhoe), September 2008:

Some of the first signs of spring, August 2008:

Greg's "fire truck" and the dam in July (compare this to the same view of the dam in January, two rows down)

Building a frame for a new chicken house, May/June 2008
Notice the transition from autumn leaves to bare trees...

Our Lovely Chickens - February 2008

Fun Times at the Dam, January 2008:

Encounters with Bees

Ted the Tractor

Red-Lipped Herald

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